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Looking for my next
to make a change:
connecting people, ideas, and organizations.

I am a master connector & facilitator of practically impossible tasks

Resourceful and adaptable by nature, I am genuinely keen to apply dynamic and engaged solutions to professional and personal endeavors.

Within forty-eight hours from inspiration to execution, I coordinated an operatic trio to serenade a key figure in the African NGO world as he recovered in a South African hospital *** I expertly proofed a two-hundred page manuscript in eight hours *** I successfully pitched and secured a lifetime achievement award for a client with an international sports governing body *** I researched and utilized an holistic approach to greatly diminish the aggressive nature of a dementia patient under my care, all the while weaning them off of pharmaceutical medication ***

Focused and adept, I trust that there is always a solution to every circumstance.

Project Management

Leadership  Creative Initiatives 

Meeting Planning Fundraising  Content Creation

Editing Book Marketing

Laptop Writing

This is me

My professional life has been an evolving endeavor, seeking a marriage between my exceptional organizational and logistical skills along with my passion for helping others identify and fulfill their dreams. A career that spans over two decades in event planning has afforded me many great opportunities - working with diverse people and clients, across six continents, and in myriad industries has encouraged a keen, sensitive, and intuitive nature within myself. I am intent upon leveraging my vast network of contacts to help clients, colleagues, and friends alike fulfill their dreams and passions.

Clients &


I've supported a wide variety of clients; from Fortune 50 companies to the

top universities in the country to New York Times bestselling authors to a

GRAMMY award winning musician to small publishing houses.

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